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Education NGOs in Delhi

All sensible individuals would agree that education is highly essential for developing all the potentials of an individual to full bloom. Though whenever anyone visualizes education being imparted to students, usually it is the picture of little children being taught in a school classroom that comes across the mind. However, education may be acquired at any stage of life and it is highly essential for all irrespective of the student’s age or background.

But it would not be improper to say either that the right age to receive education is the childhood for it is the time when the child’s mind and hence his entire personality is like clay and can be molded into a sensible, wise, and kind individual who can be an asset not only to his own family, but the entire society.

NGOs and Education in Delhi

Though every child deserves to be educated, the truth is that all children do not get to enjoy a healthy, happy childhood. Many are compelled to suffer as child laborers. A number of the children also bear the brunt of domestic violence. Many fall a prey to drug addiction. A large number of them who are fortunate enough to step into a school, end up as school drop outs instead of completing the school education and opting for higher studies or a good job.  

This is where an NGO comes into the picture. And as already said above, education should be provided without discriminating on any grounds. But it can be understood that if an adult individual is illiterate, he/she can make efforts to educate himself/herself. However, what can be expected in the case of a 5 years old child or a 10 years old school dropout?

Thus the NGOs, apart from functioning as education providers, have also been working as the guardians of the little children as far as providing these little kids with education concerned.

Various roles played by NGOs while providing education in Delhi

Providing education to those who need it is not an easy task. It’s far different from providing food, clothing, shelter, medicines etc. NGOs in Delhi have been working in a variety of ways to provide education and transforming into a better and educated place to live in. Some of these highly praiseworthy roles played by education NGOs in Delhi are described below:

  • Changing the mindsets of the people: As already said above, people usually accept food, clothes, shelter and medicine more willingly and readily. The benefits of receiving these gifts are tangible. All realize these advantages more speedily than the advantage of being educated. 

Thus, it is obvious that in order to educate even an adult, let alone a child, his/her mindset needs to be changed first. The learner must be taught that it is highly essential for him to get educated.

Otherwise, there is no dearth of the people who are more concerned with being well fed, well clothed and having a roof over their head. Education is secondary! If an illiterate adult thinks in this manner, what is to be expected from a little child of 5 who has never been to school or 10 or 12 years old who happens to be a school drop out?

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Thus, the education NGOs in Delhi not only provide the education to those who need it, but first make the learners realize the importance of being educated by changing their mindset.

  • Garnering support: The education NGOs in Delhi, obviously need to be supported by the sensible individuals. They need funds to function properly. So when an NGO approaches the rich, be it individuals, families, groups, businesses, industrialists etc., they have to be at their persuasive best to draw huge funds for the sake of educating the needy.
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  • Motivating the volunteers: Well, getting financial support is highly essential to educate the underprivileged. But the struggle to fulfill the objective does not end there. Who is going to put the financial funds so acquired to good use, if there are no teachers? And what if the funds so gathered are far from being sufficient to hire the services of teachers?

In that case, these are the volunteers who apart from teaching the poor and the needy, happily step forwards to fulfill the interconnected duties of the education NGOs in Delhi as well.

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Thus education NGOs in Delhi have also been functioning as motivators for the youth and all those who volunteer their services for the sake of the poor and the needy by volunteering their services for educating them wholeheartedly.

  • Counselling the children as well as their families: Parents and guardians obviously want their wards to be properly educated. However, if a child is a school dropout for any careless habits of his own, the parents, at times, begin to take his education lightly.

Thus, along with the school dropout, the parents and the guardians also need to be counseled. If the parents get to understand that their child should be put on the right track, it automatically becomes easier to get the child back to the school.

All would agree that the parents are the best of the guardians. If they stand convinced that providing education to the child should be their top most priority instead of expecting the child to earn bread and butter at the school going age, their persuasion to convince the school dropout child to go back to school is going to be miraculous for the sake of their ward!

Nobody can deny that education NGOs in Delhi perform a wonderful role when they not only counsel the school dropout children, but also their parents to convince their wards for going back to the school once again.

  • Providing motivation to the children: Most of the times, the children dwelling in the slums or those living on the footpaths fail to study well. The reasons can be of varying types. Thus the education NGOs in Delhi make varying types of efforts to fix the problem.

As each problem requires a different solution, the education NGOs in Delhi act accordingly to motivate the children and their families so that they send their wards to study in the school. Some of these motivational activities conducted by various education NGOs in Delhi are briefly described below:

  • Mid-day meals:    Most of the little children do not get to enjoy even two square meals at home. And nobody can study on an empty stomach. Education NGOs in Delhi realize it quite well. And appreciably, they have been providing nutritious mid-day meals to the children that they undertake to provide education to.
  • Health care programs: As many of the underprivileged children fail to enjoy nutritious diet, they usually suffer from some ailment or another. Education NGOs in Delhi conduct healthcare camps in the slums. Not only are the voluntary health services sought from the doctors and various health professionals, the poor and the needy children are also provided with medical care.
  • Cultural programs: Most of the times, the poor children come from the families where they are not given enough of the parental attention. As a result, they cannot bond well with their family members. They do not have any kinds of sporty activities to turn to. And their parents are usually busy with earning their bread and butter. They do not have time enough to narrate bedtime stories to their kids.

The educational NGOs in Delhi conduct cultural programs and cultural activities for the sake of the poor children dwelling in slums or for that matter the areas inhabited by weaker economic sections of society. Thus, the poor children feel relaxed after participating in these cultural activities, and can study better.

  • Building a fellow feeling of fraternity and brotherhood among the poor: When a poor child begins to understand the importance of being educated and focuses on studies, he automatically feels the difference in his life. Praise from the parents, family elders and the teachers on scoring well in the exams and studying well boosts his morale.

Thus, a poor child, on beginning to accumulate the wealth of education, likes to continue with his studies. This great change in his mindset not only helps him live better, but also encourages him to help his siblings and cousins at home study sincerely. He also helps his classmates do the same.

Thus education NGOs in Delhi, apart from providing education to the needy, also help build the fellow feeling and brotherhood among the poor and hence the entire society.

Finally, the point to be noted is that the education NGOs in Delhi have been playing a role in the field of providing education which is highly appreciable. Education is a great tool that empowers not just an individual, but his entire family, the society, and the nation.

An illiterate individual cannot progress. Even if he does, the road to success is usually full of pitfalls. Education provides the learner with an insight into the life. When an individual well equipped with education learns to perceive the pitfalls in advance, he can think of the remedies as well.

Besides, when the education NGOs in Delhi impart knowledge to the students, they are fast towards the road to success as compared with an illiterate individual, as already stated above. Moreover, it is a great human quality to help others.

When a poor underprivileged child receives education at an education NGO at Delhi, he is more likely to empathize with the trauma suffered by all those who have been going through the same fate, but without the support of an education NGO, have not been able to receive education.

Thus, a poor child is very likely to reach a helping hand and motivate other children and be at his persuasive best to ask his siblings, cousins, little kids from his neighborhood all his friends to begin to study.

If we, the adults and the educated can understand the plight of the poor who feel like studying, but do not have the means to do so, we should lend a helping hand. As all kind souls appreciate, it is the willingness to help that counts more rather than the cash in our pockets. Even if it is not possible to donate in cash for the sake of the poor, we can always volunteer our services to educate the needy free of cost.

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