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Health NGOs in India

Health NGOs in India have to work at various platforms. First of all, they have to cater to the basic mindset of the common man in India, for whom, earning two square meals for all the family members assumes a far greater priority, thus sidetracking the importance of health.

Most of the times, the parents and family elders themselves fail to neglect the vital role health plays in their lives, till the time they are almost bed ridden or find themselves totally dependable on their families for everything because with the continuous neglect, their health fails miserably.

And that is not all. Many other factors count as well. No wonder, the health NGOs in India have to function at multiple levels to help the common man enjoy the benefits of good health.

Role played by Vikash Deep Foundation (VDF) to help the common man acquire good health

Vikash Deep Foundation (VDF) aims at working at the grass root level so that the common man enjoys good health. However, it is far from being an easy job. The reasons are many and of various types.

As already said above, VDF aims at working at the grass root level. Thus we believe that human health is highly precious, and hence, deserves a holistic treatment. So it is best to alleviate the problem, by eliminating the root cause from where the problem originates.

VDF helps the common man achieve good health by running various programs and activities to alleviate the health problems of the ailing in many ways. The major ones are described below:

  • Helping the people understand the importance of maintaining hygiene: A number of the health ailments such as diarrhea can be easily avoided by taking care of hygiene. However, in most of the cases, people living in the slums fall ill because they usually fail to understand how important it is to take a bath every day, and wash one’s hands before eating and cooking.
best NGO website in delhi india

VDF conducts awareness camps in the slumsand wherever required to create awareness among the people for maintaining hygiene. The VDF team does its best to make the people understand the importance of staying clean, besides keeping the surroundings clean so that a number of health hazards are automatically kept at bay.

  • Making pure drinking water available: Most of the diseases play havoc with the human health simply because of non-availability of pure drinking water.

VDF does its best to make pure drinking water available to all who cannot manage the same for themselves. Those who live in the slums, the poor rural societies and the economically weaker sections of society and all those who live in abject poverty usually find themselves unable to afford pure water for the various daily activities.

Apart from pure drinking water, they do not even have access to sufficient quantities of water for cooking, bathing, washing and cleaning their households. No wonder, they fall ill frequently. And at times, the little sicknesses, even diarrhea that could have been easily avoided just by maintaining hygiene aggravates to the extent that it proves fatal.

VDF does its best not only to make pure drinking water accessible to the poor, but also get water taps and hand pumps installed as and when required so that the poor and the underprivileged get access to pure water and also in large quantities in order to stay healthy.

  • Creating awareness concerning nutritious meals: Apart from creating awareness for maintaining personal hygiene and also cleanliness of the surroundings, nutritious meals are also quite important in order to enjoy good health.
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VDF team does its best to make the people understand the importance of nutritious food. A nutritious meal need not be expensive. Even a single meal comprising green vegetables, pulses and chapatti with a little salad make one stay fit and fine.

  • Creating awareness to refrain from unhealthy practices such as smoking, consuming alcohol, and drug addiction: Gaining good health is highly important. Besides, maintaining good health is equally important as well. One should not ruin one’s health by falling a prey to unhealthy practices.
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However, it cannot be taken for granted that in most of the economically weaker sections of society, people are more vulnerable to various unhealthy practices such as drug addiction, smoking, alcoholism and consuming tobacco etc.

VDF untiredly runs campaigns to create awareness among the common people against smoking, drug addiction, consuming alcohol and tobacco as well as various other types of practices that usually play havoc with the human health.

  • Counseling: Many times, in spite of creating awareness about addictive habits, people still fall a prey to addiction of various types including smoking, alcohol, drugs etc. In such cases, VDF does its best to counsel the addicts in order to help them get rid of the addictive habits.
  • Rehabilitation: Some of the addicts need rehabilitation to get rid of the addiction. Counseling alone does not suffice. VDF does its best to rehabilitate the addicts by providing rehabilitation facilities in its rehabilitation centers.
  • Helping solve the health issues usually based on various prejudices: At times, society does not treat victims of specific diseases e.g., Leprosy with human concern. Lepers are left on their own with no support from their kith and kin.

VDF runs awareness campaigns so that the ailing like the Lepers are not abandoned by their families, are properly treated both socially and medically, and finally included into the main stream of life.  

  • Conducting healthcare camps: Many times, a large number of the poor populations cannot get various ailments treated because of lack of financial funds. VDF runs various healthcare camps to provide medical treatments for various health problems free of cost.
  • Providing free medical consultation and medicines: VDF provides free medical consultation to the ailing who cannot afford the same for themselves. Free medicines are also provided as and when required.
  • Running mobile clinics: VDF aims at bringing the medical care within the reach of all those who cannot afford the same on their own. Thus VDF runs mobile clinics to bring the primary healthcare within the reach of all who need it.
  • Providing legal aid if required in order to avail of the healthcare for those who need it: Sometimes, it gets urgent to avail of the legal help before the patient can be provided with medical care, thus VDF sees to it that proper legal help is procured for the sufferer if so required so that he/she gets the medical treatment on time and his/her condition does not worsen further.

For example, in the cases of attempted suicides, bride burning for dowry or where people receive injuries due to a robbery etc., reporting the matter to the police may be essential before the doctors in a hospital may begin the treatment of the sufferer.

  • Providing the services by professional psychologists as well as psychiatrists: Many times, people are driven to suicide simply because they have no one to turn to. The suffererfeels isolated and left out with nobody to turn to. As a result, the individual feels quite depressed and turns suicidal.

VDF provides services by psychologists and psychiatrists to treat the people who feel depressed, free of cost. Thus at VDF, we fully understand that the psychological health of the society is highly crucial. Only the society that enjoys sound psychological health can enjoy sound physical health also.

  • Helping the victims of natural disasters with healthcare services: Healthcare is usually required when a natural calamity strikes. For example, in the case of a flood, earthquake, landslides, Tsunami etc., a number of the people are left homeless all of a sudden.

VDF sincerely provides healthcare servicesto the victimsof natural disasters. Besides the healthcare, VDF also takes care that the victims of the natural disasters get their meals on time and a roof over heads in the form of shelters till the time they are rehabilitated once again.

  • Helping the victims of trauma restore their life back to normalcy: It is a hard reality of life that we feel like living happily only when we are psychologically and emotionally disposed to do the same. But trauma usually does not allow the victim to do so.

It is so because the victim usually gets obsessed with the aftermaths of what he has gone through. For example, in the case of a natural disaster, e.g., a flood, it is not easy for the victim to forget what all he has lost. He might have lost even a near or dear one in the natural calamity. Unless and until the victim feels brave enough to overcome the trauma, his life cannot be restored back to normalcy.

Thus VDF helps the victims of trauma get back to normalcy by providing counseling. If counseling by psychologists does not help the victim as it should, cure by the psychiatrist is also provided.

  • Running help lines: VDF fully understands that the society we live in, is rapidly getting transformed into nuclear families. The system of joint families is getting broken up very fast. As a result, little children usually find themselves alone at home.

As both the parents of the children are usually working, the kids find themselves all on their own. What if there is any kind of emergency all of a sudden? Irrespective of the age group, there can be an emergency for anybody, including health emergency. VDF provides help line numbers for the same and the person in need can contact us at the time of distress.

  • Running embulance services: VDF fully realizes the need for timely medical care. We keep well equipped embulances ready for timely help so that the patient in any medical emergency can be taken to the nearest hospital at the earliest possible. Besides, our team of professionals sees to it that first aid is provided to the patient free of cost so that his condition is stabilized as much as possible before he is taken to the hospital.

Finally, though VDF does its best to maintain the good health of society and restore the ailing back to normalcy by providing them with healthcare at the earliest possible, the support of all kind hearted people to help us be successful in this noble cause is highly welcome.

Though, providing healthcare, like any other services does require financial funds, we also appreciate the kind hearted services of all those who volunteer them as a result of their kind concern for the needy and the poor.VDF comprises a great team of doctors, physicians, nurses, and various medical experts who willingly volunteer their services for providing healthcare to the poor and the needy.

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