Vikash Deep Foundation: the best of the NGOs that enhances the vocational skills

VDF aims at creating employment opportunities by means of enhancing the vocational skills: The Indian youth constitutes more than 33% of the total Indian population. Thus, it is a major portion of the labour force, i.e., the human resource. None of the nations can afford to ignore its man power. 

There is also a sizeable % of the underprivileged and unemployed youth in India. The reason behind their misery is not their lack of competence, but the absence of proper opportunities and also lack of guidance.

Besides, in the absence of the right vocational skills, the Indian youth often finds himself at a loss as neither can he easily find a job for himself with the continuously increasing unemployment, nor is he able to create any employment for himself.

Moreover, the % of the self-employed youths is extremely poor in India. The majority still looks for a job rather than creating employment for itself whereas the truth is that a self-employed man is also usually able to provide employment to others as well.

Thus it is the lack of proper vocational skills coupled with the lack of a creative attitude towards the creation of opportunities for self employment that further adds to the already existing problem of unemployment.

Thus VDF aims at channelizing the energy of the youth with proper guidance and enhancing the vocational skills of the youth. With a youth who understands the importance of self employment and is fully equipped with prominent vocational skills, a nation’s economic growth increases manifold.

The obstacles we overcome while providing vocational training to the Indian youth:

(1) As already stated above, the Indian youth, apart from lacking in the vocational skills, also lacks in the right attitude to acquire them.

(2) As a result of the lack of the vocational skills and the absence of a keenness to acquire them, very often, there is an insufficient number of the human resource who can be said to be properly trained.

Thus, it should be noted that with the right guidance and the right professional skills, Indian youth can not only find employment, but can also create the same for himself and also for others.

(3) Many times, because of the lack of proper opportunities, the Indian youth lacks in the management skills. Thus, the youth finds himself to be at a loss when it comes to managing a project by keeping all the practical interests thoroughly protected for a graduate without a training in vocational skills is more often than not, far away from considering the practical aspects of any project. And it is sadly true in the case of a degree holder freshly coming out of a university.

(4) At times, lack of discipline also adds up to the various employment issues faced by the Indian youth. The young men and women in India often consider work as something highly casual. The typical mindset that youth is for enjoying life, results in absenteeism at work. No wonder, those who do not seem to understand and hence, realize the importance of work, also fail to work on the problems and finding the solutions to eradicate unemployment.  

What VDF has been doing to change the mindset of the youth and enhance their vocational skills?

VDF has been conducting the vocational skill enhancement programs for the Indian youth since 2010. We have been providing training for the following vocational skills to the Indian youth.

  • Basics of computers
  • Spoken English
  • 2D and 3D Animation
  • Retail Services
  • Hospitality Services etc.

Moreover, at the VDF centers for vocational training, the focus is always on the practical, hands on learning. Besides, the vocational training courses run by us encompass the majority of the skills that are usually required by most of the recruiters. Besides, the courses run by us also provide the basic entrepreneur skills to all of the trainees. 

Various stages VDF encounters while a trainee is well placed at his job:

VDF fully understands that acquiring vocational training requires the right kind of the mind set first. Thus, VDF leaves no stone unturned while motivating the youth to join the classes for vocational training at it’s centers. We counsel the youth as required to acquire the vocational skills at our centers. Apart from the classroom sessions, we also provide the highly essential practical sessions. Besides, we also provide the Personality Development Sessions, thus equipping the trainee by all means to get finally recruited.  

And that’s not all. We are well co-ordinated with our trainees for considerable spans of time even after they get a job so that they can seek our guidance as and when required in case they face any problems that requires a further enhancement in their skills.