Digital Marketing Course - Scholarship Programme (70% Scholarship)

 Digital Marketing Course – Scholarship Programme

 (Online & Offline Classes )
Digital Marketing Course Scholarship Programme

Vikash Deep Foundation is a non-government organisation (NGO)
which has been working tirelessly for the betterment of the society since the last 12 years. One of the major impact areas is the education sector where Vikash Deep Foundation has touched lakhs of lives of deserving but underprivileged students.

Many students sponsored by Vikash Deep Foundation have been working in different private and government services. Vikash Deep Foundation, with support of Google India and other corporates, have come up with a scheme in Digital Marketing Course. This sector is among few sectors which has emerged as a path breaker post COVID pandemic. It has grown geometrically and has potential of high profit and salary growth. This industry is at its boom, and needs unlimited skilled labour force.

According to Economic Times Newspaper’s survey study – “90% of the workforce from both metros and tier-2 cities across designations opted for upskilling themselves with courses in digital marketing owing to the relevance of this course in every industry, increased digitisation of businesses, and the online space ruling over the traditional method of working”, finds a new survey. Read in detail

Vikash Deep Foundation is associated with one of the prestigious Digital Marketing Institute of Delhi, namely Obiyan Training (A unit of Obiyan Infotech Private Limited). They have more than 10 years of experience in imparting knowledge in the field of Digital Marketing. Classes will be conducted online and Offline, and Language of instruction will be bilingual (We are keeping our Digital Marketing classes online because Vikash Deep Foundation (NGO) wants to spread this skill pan-India. With the intention of helping India to become Digital hub, which has great opportunities in generating high income.)

Highlights of the scheme:

  • The Digital Marketing Course is available for students who are 12th Pass and above.
  • The 70% (Percent) scholarship of student is to be borne by Vikash Deep Foundation and the rest amount is to be borne by the candidate. 5% extra concession will be awarded to women candidates. This is under our drive for promotion of Women Empowerment.
  • The candidates need to apply on the website of Vikash Deep Foundation by filling a digital form (Available in the bottom of this page) and submit all the necessary details and documents there itself. (12th pass marksheet or certificate, Aadhar Card & Recent Photo)
  • You can apply for the below mentioned course anytime, but you will attend classes with the approval of New Batch schedule at Obiyan Training (our empanelled IT company)

Courses |  Duration | & Fees Structure: (70% will be paid by Vikash Deep Foundation)

  • Full Digital Marketing Course (96 Hours): Rs.40000/- (after scholarship – Rs.12000/-)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO Course) (36 Hours): Rs.20000/- (after scholarship – Rs.6000/-)
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO Course) (36 Hours): Rs.12000/- (after scholarship – Rs.3600/-)
  • Google Ads/Display Advertising Course (24 Hours): Rs.12000/- (after scholarship – Rs.3600/-)

Special Features of all Courses:

  • Live Project Training
  • Online & Offline Training
  • Small Batch Size
  • 100% Job Assurance
  • Lifetime Professional Support
  • Certificate after Successful completion of the course

Disclaimer: All the above-mentioned special features will be supported by our empaneled digital marketing company (this does not relate to Vikash Deep Foundation)

For any query contact us via email at or WhatsApp at: +91 7683056748

Important Note:

  • Once the candidate has filled the form and interested in joining any of the above-mentioned course, they need to pay 30% (percent) of the course fees and send the payment receipt to Vikash Deep Foundation official email (
  • Vikash Deep Foundation will disburse the remaining amount (70% Scholarship earned amount) to that respective institute (Obiyan Training). Post this only, you can begin your course.
  • Scholarship will be awarded on First-Come basis, i.e. candidate will be enrolled in Digital Marketing Institute as per their Batch Schedule. Those students will be preferred who have made 30% payment. This will help us to identify serious candidates and disburse their 70% scholarship amount to the institute.

Apply for Digital Marketing Course Scholarship Programme: (Fill the form below form):

Digital Marketing Course Scholarship

Digital Marketing Course Modules

1. Digital Marketing Overview:

Digital Marketing Introduction:

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Digital Marketing Importance
  • Digital Marketing VS Traditional Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Scope and Future?
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Types of Digital Marketing – Organic & Paid
  • Course Structure
  • What is Search Engine?
  • What is WWW and Internet?
  • How Search Engine works?

Keyword Research:

  • Why we need keyword research
  • How to research keywords
  • Type of Keywords
  • Keyword Research Techniques
  • Multiple Keyword Research
  • Google Insights/Trends
  • How to Choose Right Keywords VIA Trends
  • Tools to help you analyze keyword
  • Understanding keyword attributes
  • Understanding keyword Application Strategies
  • Ongoing keyword evaluation

Web Designing Basics:

  • Importance of a Website
  • What is a Domain and Hosting
  • Html Basics
  • CSS Basics
  • Web Design Process

WordPress Website Development Basics:

  • Installing WordPress 
  • Admin Panel Tour
  • Creating Pages 
  • Creating Posts 
  • Forms in WordPress 
  • SEO and Metatags 
  • Plugins in WordPress

2. SEO ( Search Engine Optimization )

Importance Of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Types of Search Engine 
  • How the Search Engine Works ?
  • Understanding the SERP
  • Using Google Operator to find anything
  • Indexing, Caching
  • Search Commands
  • Google Search Engine Architecture
  • Search Engine Algorithms
  • Latest Google Algorithm Updates

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals:

  • What is search engine optimization (SEO)?
  • What is search engine results page
  • Analysing, Collecting and Ranking Website Data
  • Structuring Websites for Search Engine Spiders
  • Optimizing Pages for Indexing and Ranking on search engines
  • Website Testing as per Search Engine Guidelines
  • Web Hosting Types & Installation
  • Server Optimization as per the Google Search Algorithm
  • Plugins to Optimize your website for Search
  • Reporting Competitor Spam
  • Avoiding Black-Hat Techniques

On Page Optimization:

  • Introduction to On Page Optimization
  • Importance of Domain Names and age factor in SEO
  • Usability and User Experience in Website
  • Onsite Optimization Basics
  • SEO Content Optimization and Planning
  • HTML tags Basics for SEO
  • Website Structure and Navigation Menu Optimization
  • HTML Validation using W3C
  • Coding Best Practices
  • Filename Optimization
  • URL Names Optimization
  • Heading Tags Optimization
  • Page Title Tags Optimization
  • Paragraph Tags Optimization
  • Meta Description Tags Optimization
  • Bullet Points Optimization
  • Link Anchor Text Optimization
  • Image Captions Optimization
  • Image Names Optimization
  • Title Attributes Optimization
  • Alt Attributes Optimization
  • Page Speed Optimization Tool
  • Internal Link Statergy
  • Iframes / Frames effects on SEO
  • URL Rewrite Techniques
  • Website Submission to google and Sitemap creation
  • Using Robot.txt
  • Malware Removal Guideline
  • cpanel uses to upload website data
  • Handling Duplicate Content
  • Avoiding Content Violations and Penalization

Off Page Optimization ( Link Building

  • Introduction to Offsite Optimization
  • Submission to search engines
  • What is  Linking Building Methodology
  • Types of Linking Methods
  • Free Links / Paid Links
  • Quality VS Quantity Linking
  • Difference Between Do Follow & Nofollow
  • Directory Submission
  • Local Business Listing (Local SEO)
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Article Submission
  • Press Release
  • Blog Submission
  • Forum Postings
  • Image Submission
  • PPT Submission 
  • Video Submissions
  • Question Answers Portals
  • Classified Submissions
  • Forum Submission & applications
  • Using Blogs for SEO
  • Blog Commenting
  • Infographics Submission
  • Tracking the Links
  • Linking of Dynamic Websites
  • Authority Checkers – How to Analyze

Local SEO:

  • What is Google Local Business 
  • Google Local registrations, verification & installation process 
  • How to rank website in local searches
  • Get Ranking on Local Keywords
  • How to Increase reviews STAR Rankings
  • Optimizing your Website for local search
  • The future of local search

Google Algorithm:

  • Why understand google algorithms
  • How to be updated
  • Top Google Algorithms
  • Google Algorithms Changes 2020-21

SEO Tools:

  • Why use Seo Tools
  • Top SEO Tools
  • SEO Plugins for WordPress
  • Website SEO Audit Tools
  • Wesbite Link Checking Tools
  • Plagiarism Checking Tools
  • Authority Checking Tools
  • Competitor Analysis tools

Google Search Console:

  • How to setup Google Webmaster tool
  • What is XML Sitemap , Robots.Txt
  • Using the Google Search Console
  • How to find and improve website errors , crawl errors
  • Managing HTML Improvements
  • How to index a link fast
  • How to request removal of bad links from google search
  • Canonical issues

Google Analytics:

  • Introduction to Google Analytics
  • Setting Up Google Analytics
  • Goal Setup & Tracking
  • Geo Tracking
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Referral Tracking
  • Goal Tracking
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Monitoring Dwell Times
  • Usability Key Performance Indicators
  • Google Analytics Terminology ( Bounce Rates, Session etc,)
  • How to analyse  User Engagement
  • Testing Mobile Usability with Google Chrome
  • Testing Usability with Google Experiments

Websites Structuring and Analyses:

  • Why Website structuring is important
  • National Websites Structuring
  • Structuring Websites for International Structuring Websites 
  • Website Url Structure 
  • Creating Search Engine Friendly Links
  • Blog structure 
  • E-Commerce Website Structuring
  • Types of Redirects 
  • Maintaining Page Authority with 301 Redirects

Competitor Websites Analysis:

  • Why Competitor analysis is important
  • How to Identify your competitors
  • Competitors Analysis Matrix
  • Competitors Keyword Analysis
  • Competitors  link popularity
  • Competitors Traffic Analysis
  • Final strategy after Competitors Analysation

Mobile Sites SEO:

  • Why Mobile Websites ?
  • SEO Strategies for Mobile Websites
  • SEO Tools for Mobile Websites
  • SEO Plugins for Mobile Websites
  • Ranking Strategies for Mobile Websites

3. SMM ( Social Media Marketing )

Introduction to Social Media Marketing:

  • Understanding Social Media 
  • Why Social Media is Required for every business?
  • Business branding through Social Media?
  • Social Media Plannning
  • Different Social Media Options
  • SEO importance in Social Media Optimization

Social Networking and Social Bookmarking:

  • Various Social Media Networks
  • Content Suited best for Social Networks
  • Importance of Social Bookmarking
  • What is Social Bookmarking Submissions
  • Top Social Bookmarking Sites
  • How to do Social Bookmarking

Facebook Marketing:

  • Facebook Marketing Fundamentals
  • Facebook for Business Branding
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Facebook Apps
  • Creating Facebook Groups
  • Getting More Facebook Likes
  • Building Relationship with Customer

Twitter Marketing:

  • Twitter Marketing Fundamentals
  • Creating a brand name over Twitter
  • Twitter Marketing Strategy
  • Twitter Tools to Manage Twitter
  • Achieve Your Business Goals with Twitter

Linkedin Marketing:

  • Linkedin Marketing Fundamentals
  • Increasing Linkedin Connection
  • How to Grow Your Linkedin Profile
  • Linkedin groups
  • Linkedin Events
  • Linkedin Articles

YouTube Marketing:

  • YouTube Marketing Fundamentals
  • How YouTube Works?
  • Creating Youtube Channel
  • Uploading and Optimizing a Youtube Video
  • YouTube as a Social Media Marketing Tool
  • How to Make Your Videos Popular?
  • Growing Your Youtube Channel

Social Media Tools:

  • URL shortening Tools
  • RSS Feed connecting tools
  • Buffer and Hootsuite Social Media tools
  • Image Sharing tools i.e. Google Picassa, Flickr, Photobucket etc.

4. PPC Course Details

An Introduction to pay per click marketing:

  • What is Pay Per Click Marketing?  
  • What Does a Pay Per Click Ad Look Like?  
  • The Origins of Pay Per Click Marketing  
  • The Advantages of Pay Per Click Advertising  
  • List of Major Pay Per Click Search Engines  
  • Other Pay-Per-Click Providers  
  • Further Reading

Pay Per Click Campaign Preparation:

  • Success Using Pay Per Click Search Engines 
  • Before You Start  
  • Requirements Gathering  
  • You’re Now Prepared  
  • Pay For Performance Search Engine Models  
  • Microsoft adCenter  
  • Google AdWords

An Introduction to Google AdWords:

  • Features of Google AdWords 
  •  Google AdWords Terminology  
  • Clicks vs. Impressions 
  • AdWords Account Creation  
  • AdWords Distribution Channels  
  • The Google Network  
  • The Google Search Network  
  • The Google Content Network  
  • AdWords Location and Language Targeting  
  • AdWords Region and City Targeting  
  • AdWords Customized Targeting  
  • The Benefits of AdWords  
  • AdWords Editorial Policy  
  • Further Reading

How to Set Up an AdWords Account:

  • Account Set Up Preparation  
  • AdWords Account Structure  
  • AdWords Account Creation 
  •  Use of Multiple Campaigns  
  • AdWords Account Navigation  
  • Further Reading  
  • Assignment 2

An Introduction to Microsoft adCenter (PPC for Bing and Yahoo):

  • MS adCenter Account format  
  • A Typical adCenter Ad  
  • MS adCenter Account Creation  
  • The Microsoft Distribution Network  
  • Further Reading

Keyword Research for PPC Campaigns:

  • What is Keyword Research?  
  • Why is Keyword Research So Important?  
  • Is Keyword Research Different for Pay Per Click Campaigns? 
  • Before You Start  Create a Seed List  Qualify Your Search Terms 
  • Think Logically  
  • Research and Refine  
  • Be Generic, But Not Too Generic  
  • Research Your Competition  
  • Categorize Your Keywords

Landing Page Creation for PPC Campaigns:

  • Features of an Effective Landing Page 
  • Reinforced Ad Message 
  • Punchy Headings 
  • Short Paragraphs 
  • Enticing Copy 
  • Few Distractions 
  • Compelling Images 
  • Calls to Action
  •  Important Content “Above the Fold” 
  • Testimonials 
  • Established Visitor Trust 
  • Foolproof Conversion Process 
  • Tested, Tweaked and Tested Again
  • Landing Page Case Study  
  • To Sum Up  
  • Further Reading

PPC Campaign Conversion & ROI Measurement:

  • What is a Conversion?  
  • What is ROI?  
  • Set Goals for Your Site  
  • Create Navigation Pathways  
  • Tracking Your Visitor Activity  
  • Tracking URLs  
  • Tracking Your Sales / Conversions  
  • How to Calculate Your ROI  
  • Key Site Metrics to Look At Regularly  
  • Further Reading  
  • Final Exam