Who We Are - Vikash Deep Foundation (VDF)

Vikash Deep Foundation (VDF) is both an NGO (non-government organization) apart from being an NPO i.e., (non-profit organization). We are a Delhi based NGO, also serving in NCR, rural areas of Uttar Pradesh & Bihar.

VDF has been functioning as a registered NGO since 21 August, 2009. The NGO was established by those who think in a similar fashion to educate the kids who are not so privileged to afford the same. Besides, the NGO focuses on creating opportunities for employment not only for the rural, but also for the urban youth who happens to be underprivileged. And providing good health care to the girl child and women is another major goal of ours.

At VDF, we believe that the standard of living of the poor can be enhanced only by educating them. Thus, education may be used as a highly efficient tool to enlighten the lives of all with the ‘lamp of development’ and that’s what ‘Vikash Deep’ Foundation signifies.

It is a sad truth that education is still far from the reach of a vast majority of children, and specifically girl children. All, specifically girl children and the women suffer a great deal in their lives simply because they are uneducated. VDF has been doing its best to empower the women by bringing education within their reach.

We are making our best effort to enhance the access of Information & Communication Technology among deprived sections especially, children and youths.

Besides, once educated properly, people feel better informed and this knowledge equips them to make more sensible choices concerning all the options that life presents to them.