what is NGO?

The non-governmental organizations are commonly referred to as NGOs. The NGOs are usually non-profit organizations that function at various platforms including local, national and international.

The point to be noted is that though the NGOs are frequently provided with funds by the governments, they are independent not only of the governments, but also the international governmental organizations.

What are NGOs?

NGOs are often thought of as highly philanthropic organizations that have been active for various causes of varying types. These may be related to health care, educational, human rights, social grievances, environmental, public policy or for that matter, any of the humanitarian concerns.

So, whenever we talk in terms of what are NGOs, we also keep in perspective as to what are NGO’s various roles that they have been playing to keep the society functioning in a smooth manner and a well maintained state of its well being encompassing various aspects for its overall good health.

What are NGO’s various roles that affect positive changes for the sake of common man? 

NGOs have been playing a significant role, fulfilling various requirements in the lives of the downtrodden, needy and the poor. As all sensible souls would agree that human life in this world is far from being easy for all who are either poor, or have no support from their kiths or kins, or are the victims of a natural calamity etc. These are only a few of the misfortunes that one may think of.   

However, as already said above, the misfortunes as specified above are only a few of what one may think of. But when we focus on what is NGO, we should also keep in mind the insight and sympathy that the NGOs are usually equipped with (and should be) in order to understand what goes unsaid by the helpless victims of various misfortunes.

In order to understand as to what are NGO’s various roles in the upkeep of the wellbeing of all those who are not fortunate enough to turn to someone close for help in the hour of distress, one should try to realize that there is lot more than meets the human eye (as a famous saying goes).

Thus it is obviously implied that a wretched soul is more likely to appreciate what is NGO as compared with someone who is in the pink of health and enjoying a beautifully healthy, happy, state of existence by all means.

Thus, an NGO, apart from providing solace to the victims of various injustices of life, also takes care of all the inter-related factors. For example, when a wretched individual thinks of what is NGO, he/she also expects a little humanitarian concern so that he/she is provided with at least that much of the support that in case another misfortune strikes, he/she should be able to safeguard himself/herself.

Thus, it is understood that NGOs are the kiths and kins of those who have none of their own. The trauma of the already traumatized becomes manifold because very often, in this modern society that we live in, the victim is taken advantage of in various ways by those he/she has been trusting.

Thus, what are NGOs and what are NGO’s roles in the lives of poor, lonely souls deprived of all support is not that easy to be comprehended and understood at the first glance itself.

The major ones of what are NGO’s roles in the lives of those who need to be helped are as listed below:

  • Counseling: Like a true friend and/or relative, NGOs come to the aid of those who have been feeling troubled for some reason or another. However, it is a sad and bitter truth that only those go knocking at the doors of the NGOs who have nowhere else to turn to.
  • Medical Aid: So what are NGOs? And what are NGO’s various roles to restore the lives of the wretched and helpless back to normalcy? Besides, it is a heart rending truth that there are innumerable of the fellow humans in this world that we live in, who have never known even the simple pleasures of a healthy, happy life.

And when we talk of the health, and what are NGOs, there next role as healthcare providers makes them stand tall among the simply meaningless crowds! What are NGO’s inter-related roles while providing healthcare encompasses a lot more!

For examples, what is the use of providing the healthcare if the recipients of this noble  service again fall a prey to health hazards for some reason or another?

  • Providing a roof over the heads of the homeless: As said above, whatever benefits are provided by the NGOs to the needy would obviously be of no use if the recipients fall a prey to the same or even worse misfortune in the future. Thus apart from counseling and providing good health care, what are NGO’s roles also encompass providing a roof over the heads of the homeless. Any sensible soul would agree that without a roof over the head, there is no calm and tranquility of the mind, and even if proper healthcare is provided, all free of cost, the homeless individual would not be able to enjoy this blessing for long.
  •  Skill enhancement: When we talk of the trauma suffered by those who have no place to call home, their lack of capability to earn their own bread and butter often comes to the surface. However, it would not be justifiable to think that all those who are unemployed are unable to earn for themselves.

So, what are NGOs doing there if the sufferer is already well equipped with the capability to earn for himself/herself? What are NGO’s roles in this perspective? Well, the NGOs enhance the professional skills of the person concerned. In order to do so, first of all, even the properly educated are to be made to realize that along with academic qualifications, professional qualifications are also highly essential, specifically during the times when the number of the jobs are too few and the job seekers have been increasing day by day.  

  • Education: Well, what is NGO? All children are not privileged enough to attend schools. Besides, a majority is also those of school drop outs. Thus, what are NGO’s roles very often encompass bringing smiles to the faces of the not so privileged children by bringing education within their reach.
  • Legal Aid: Many times, the distressed needs the legal help as well. What about the cases of domestic violence? And dowry deaths? And the victims of various types of abuses specifically when the sufferer is victimized by a family member only?

In most of the cases specified above, and there can be many more, the victim needs legal aid as well. Most of the times, the victim is either a woman or a child.

Thus, it is understood that in the absence of those who ought to have been comforting the distressed individual, it is the NGO who counsels to calm down the agitated spirits of the unfortunate. With a calm mind, it only gets easy for the individual facing the load of problems to think of the solutions. So when we think of what are NGOs, their very first role appears to be that of a counselor, most of the times, specifically if the individual coming to seek the help from an NGO feels upset due to any kind of emotional stress, and even trauma (the reasons and intensity may vary, as the case may be).  

Besides, the victim either does not have financial resources, or simply fails to summon all the wits to seek legal aid. In both the cases, what are NGO’s roles to alleviate the problems of the victim? Well, the NGOs bring the legal aid within the reach of the victim.  

Miscellaneous roles played by the NGOs 

Well, till now, we have been discussing what is NGO, what are NGOs doing for the sake of humanity, and what are NGO’s  roles to alleviate various types of sufferings of various people.

However, that is not all. What are NGO’s roles include a lot more than can be perceived initially.

  • Rehabilitation: The drug addicts and alcoholics are often provided rehabilitation services by the NGOs. Thus what are NGOs, a great solace in the life of those who fall a prey to drug addiction and alcohol for some reason or another.
  • Awareness: Most of the times, the victims are targeted simply because they are not aware of their rights. Thus they are not only targeted, but they even continue to suffer in silence. So what are NGO’s roles also encompass making the people aware of their rights.
  • Reconciliation: Many times, the victim may be saved from becoming homeless. For example, a lost child is always most safe when he/she is restored back to his/her family. Besides, whenever the NGOs find it feasible, they strike a compromise, trying to reach a solution, which is mutually agreeable to all so that the conflicts are put to an end and people are re-united with their families rather than being compelled to take legal action against their own kith and kin which may hurt all.

However, the sad truth still remains that the humanity, at large, needs NGOs because people turn a deaf ear to the plights of their own. When the family abandons one of its members, snapping all the ties with him or her, the unfortunate individual can think of to knock at the door of an NGO only.

Besides, in the case of orphans, the role played by an NGO is even more important. However, the irony is that orphans suffer because they do not have anyone to call their own. Many others meet the same fate because their own families abandon them to feel tormented endlessly and having nowhere to go to!

Thus it would not be improper to say that when we think of what are NGOs, they are families of those who are left to suffer. What are NGOs? They are homes of those who are homeless. What are NGO’s roles in the lives of the unfortunate? They are the reason for the not so privileged to smile once again!

However, though all would agree that it is not everybody’s cup of tea to donate for an NGO, volunteering to provide one’s services free of cost for the noble deeds done by an NGO is highly appreciable. By volunteering for the services provided by NGOs, various advocates, doctors, teachers, nurses, etc., would not only help the NGOs work more efficiently, but also be a great help in strengthening the moral fiber of the society.

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